How to Dip-Dye your Hair


Recently Corrie and I tried a summer hair dying experiment. Here is a simple step by step on how to do it yourself and what we thought of the results.

To dye your hair you need…

  • 8 packets of sugar free Kool-Aid (cherry makes red, grape makes purple, and raspberry makes pink)
  • 2 cups of water
  • a pot
  • a large mason jar
  • a stove
  • and a spoon.

To make the mixture, boil 2 cups of water in the pot. Then add all 8 Kool Aid packets. Stir until all the Kool Aid is completely dissolved. Then pour the mixture into the mason jar. Brush your hair so there are no snags or tangles then separate it into pigtails (or section it in some way or another). Make sure there are no products in your hair when you dye it.

Put your hair in the Kool Aid one pigtail at a time. Leave the pigtail in for 7-40 minutes. For a deeper brighter color leave in longer, for a lighter color leave in for less time.


If the jar is to hot to hold wrap a towel around it. Your hair will absorb the most color when the Kool Aid is hot. Hair also absorbs the color better if it has been washed the day before. If your hair is too damp or too dirty it will not absorb as much color.


When you have finished dying one part of your hair, pat the section dry with a towel until it stops dripping. When you have completely finished let your hair air dry. Put the leftover Kool Aid in the refrigerator to save for the next time you use it.

To keep the color in your hair wash it with warm water and color safe shampoo and conditioner the next day. DO NOT WASH YOUR HAIR WITH COLD WATER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!!!!!!!!!! The color will come right out. The color will also fade slightly when you go swimming.


Corrie did purple in her hair, and I did red. We both think it turned out really well. I enjoy the red so much, that the next time I do it, I might consider dying all my hair that color, not just the ends. Although I do enjoy how it sort of fades from brown to red.

I would recommend using purple or pink on lighter hair so that it shows up more. Red works well on darker hair because it shows up beautifully when it is very concentrated.


I found this activity very successful and wish well on all of you who try it!


Lots of love!

🙂 Abigail



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