The glory that is Buc-cee’s has come to Terrell, the town right next to ours. Do you know what Buccees (pronounced Bucky’s) is? It is an enormous gas station (42 gas pumps, double-sided), accompanied by a four-counter deli, a fleet of checkout stations, a palatial gift shop, a cookware maze, a specialty candy smorgasbord, and restrooms into which the entirety of Yankee Stadium could go and use the facilities at the same time.





Buccees is not for the faint of heart. One must walk approximately the length of the Sahara to cross the whole store. You can buy a drink when you enter and be dehydrated by the time you reach the other side.



Sounds marvelous, right? (Especially if you enjoy merchandise and walking long distances.) But Buccee’s has a dark side.

At the heart of this empire is … product markup. I know; you’re stunned. The prices on Buccee’s items are so sky high that one wonders if they are targeting those hypnotized by the road, or those who become weak and confused after wandering the whole store. Refridgerator magnets the size of a quarter: $5.99. Plastic cap gun: $15.99. Buccee’s name brand red licorice packet: $5.99. T-shirts: $19.99. Undeniably delicious beef jerky: $8.99. Tiny tub of melt-in-your-mouth cranberry pecan chicken salad: $6.99.

Maybe the best strategy would be to sell all our worldly goods and go live there hidden under massive product displays. I feel confident it would take even an employee weeks to find us, given the size of some of those displays. By that point we would have dug in and completed our infestation of the store, like really determined fire ants.






Until that time.. (sigh).. we will just continue to window shop. Mile after mile after mile. – Katie



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  1. Katie, this post is hilarious. You are an excellent writer!!!!!

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