Masks, No. 3

The second mask pattern I made was from a group called Lucy’s Prayer Shawls. A group of women at the church we were attending when our daughter Lucy died began this ministry, which was named partly in her honor.

The pattern , which has an illustrated guide, starts with quilter’s cotton. I cut out rectangles and smaller pieces to be side bindings.


You fold the rectangle, sew twist tie at the top, and sew a little pocket that can hold an optional filter. Then you pin and sew pleats, pin and sew side bindings, and it starts to look like a mask.


Take a specific length of elastic, and thread it through the sides. (My technique is to put a safety pin at the end of the elastic and then pull the safety pin through the cloth tunnel at each side.


Took me a while to figure out that it seemed like ONE piece of elastic to go through both sides was the design.


And then sew the elastic ends together.


Voila! I made a bunch of these, too.


Mask pros and cons:


  • The instructions were occasionally difficult. (I am sometimes a bear of very little brain.) It really helped that there was a pictoral guide. By comparing text and pictures, and turning the papers and mask every which way, I mostly figured it out.
  • The twist tie at the top is not very effective. After the first washing of these masks, the twist tie was poking out, so we just pulled it out altogether.
  • The quilter’s cotton tends to shrink a little bit when you wash and dry it.
  • The specified elastic length is a little short for some people’s heads.


  • The mask looks and feels like a surgical mask.
  • There are four layers of cloth to breath through, so it has good filtering power.
  • There is a pocket in the mask where another filter can be inserted
  • You can make these out of fun fabrics. (Avengers pattern! Hogwarts house crests!)
  • Machine wash and dryable.
  • Looks professional.
  • Large enough to cover bigger faces.
  • No ties to fuss with.

All in all, a good pattern! I’m grateful to the Prayer Shawl friends for sharing it! Also, it helps to have assistance. img_7016