Cali Saigon


In Richardson there’s a place called the Cali Saigon mall. It’s different than most malls I’ve ever been too; there are nail shops, phone stores, herbal medicine shops, restaurants, a travel agency, and a large grocery store all in the same building. It is a delightful place. We recently ran out of ramen (and noodles are crucial around here!) so James and I had a car date to visit the grocery store. Due to quarantine, only the grocery store part was open.


I would buy more things from here if I could read the labels.


There is an extensive fish counter. Much larger than the other meat sections.


some are dead…


and some a little fresher… the employees behind the counter will catch, behead, and fillet your choice.


And this is the Year of the Rat. There is a display at the front of the mall featuring utterly charming and unrealistic rats.



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  1. We have actually been there when the whole thing was open. Like going to a different country without getting on a plane!

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