Hi, I’m Katie.

I started writing two years ago

My husband James sometimes writes here, too.

In our house are 5 children and two cats, so it is the good kind of busy.

I am 35 years old. I like reading, music, gardening, and taking care of people who seem to need it.

I am an insecure crafter and a spectacularly awful cook.

When I fill out forms I list “Homemaker” as my job.

I am looking forward to reaching heaven. One person I hope to see there is our daughter Lucy, who lived with us three years before God took her.

She had a heart condition. Possibly because of this I love pictures of hearts.

1 thought on “About

  1. Hearts, birthday candles, wisteria, jelly beans, small wooden kitchens – how I love you Jarretts! Of course you’re not ok, Katie. But you have the beautiful gift of grasping the tiny, elegantly special moments of family life and sharing them with others of us out here. Thank you for reminding us to savor each day, even if we cry.

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